In a Time Lapse 2CD Special Edition


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Release date: 15 September, 2023

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of Ludovico Einaudi’s best selling album In A Time Lapse

Building on the success of Nightbook and integrating more instrumentation than ever before, Einaudi fully embraced the range of possibilities this provided him. From delicate tracks including Waterways and the haunting Underwood through to Life, Experience and Newton’s Cradle where the larger ensemble is used to its full effect.
Violinist Daniel Hope lends his talents to many tracks on the album and is featured on Experience, the song that has become Einaudi’s best most popular track to date. 


Original Album

1 Corale
2 Time Lapse
3 Life
4 Run
5 Walk
6 Brothers
7 Orbits
8 Two Trees
9 Waterways
10 Corale Solo
16 Newton’s Cradle
12 Discovery At Night
13 Experience
14 Underwood
15 Burning
16 Bever
17 The Dark Bank of Clouds
18 Sarabande
19 Ronald’s Dream

20 Circles (based on Experience) – Greta Svabo Bech
21 Time Lapse – Dot Major remix
22 Walk – Starkey remix
23 Walk – Phaeleh remix
24 Experience – Starkey remix
25 Time Lapse – Steven Siegel remix
26 Discovery At Night – Lippok remix

CD Album
Decca Records